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It is common knowledge that offence is the best form of defence, which is why majority of people who own a laptop, PC or tablet use reputable antivirus software to protect their item and all the data on it. We take for granted on a daily basis that our laptop has it covered and it is taking care of all your personal data, whether that is precious family photographs, or important work or school documents, but if a virus were to get past your firewall and into your machine or device all this could be lost. A virus can severely debilitate a machine or device and in extreme cases can even render them useless, so it is definitely not to be ignored.

Your firewall can protect you up to a certain point, but a very disappointing factor is your behaviour online can affect how far your antivirus software can protect you. For example if you are online and box appears with a message in it that you find interesting and you wish to read it, your antivirus software can’t stop you even if its aware that this message contains a virus. Because your software works for you and ultimately does as it is told, it will step aside and let you view something that potentially could be a very dangerous virus.

What many people are not aware of is what a nasty virus looks like or how believable it can be. All viruses are designed to look very realistic disguising themselves as a greeting card or video or audio message in your inbox, once opened your firewall can no longer protect you as you have now given it permission to enter your system via your email.

A lot of viruses once they have taken hold and have locked down your machine or device may even quote the name of a police service near you or a service you know and trust and include very detailed descriptions of a crime that you have unwillingly committed, and an address to send a certain amount of money to avoid prosecution. To the eye of the public this all looks very real and it’s very worrying for any individual, causing panic and often resulting in money and bank details being given out to an unknown source.

There is a few simple and easy ways to avoid a virus gaining access to your machine:

  1. Don’t open any emails that look suspicious or from an unknown recipient
  2. Ensure that you have your update settings to automatic - allowing your machine to update itself is a very easy and simple way to make sure your item is looking after itself.
  3. Make sure that whichever antivirus software you are using is installed correctly and is kept up to date, many licences only last for a period of 12 months – our nerds highly recommend bullguard antivirus software we stock the full ranging prices start from just £17.50.

Here at nerds HQ we highly recommend yearly servicing for all your machines and devices to keep them virus free and functioning to their full capability. This ensures that all your data is protected and increases the longevity of your machine. The better you look after your item the better and longer it will function to its full specification, making your investment well worth it. With a service from nerds HQ we also give your item a general clean out, as users we don’t realise the amount of dust that gathers in the internal working parts of our items which can slow down and over heat them which in turn can cause irreparable damage to inner components.

To take full advantage of the service we provide we have put together a package which not only saves you time but also money. Upon signing up you receive a nerdy crew membership, this entitles you to a full clean inside and out clearing all dust, viruses and malware from your item and installing the best antivirus software that comes recommended by our nerds, we then install an icon onto your desktop that gives us the capability to connect remotely to your item if an issue should arise, we include 5 free clicks of your icon in with the deal, reducing the strain a malfunctioning laptop can put on a home run business or household by allowing our nerds to fix your problem from our HQ. We provide all this for just £50 a year. If you are interested please call and talk to one of our nerds today or bring your item in and start the process before your item fails you.

Date Published : 2016-06-02 11:41:00

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