Be Virus Aware!

We have had many customers into store this week, with machines that are riddled with viruses! Removing these viruses is a lengthy process and requires a lot of work and patience on our technician’s part to ensure that your machine is completely clear before we return back to you.

In order to protect yourselves from infecting your computer, you must first be virus aware. Viruses can lead to embarrassing pop-ups, a very slow machine, and in some bad cases can even corrupt an operating system. There are some very simple things that people do every day online that can open the virtual door to viruses.

The first is opening an email from an unknown sender - We all see a strange email in our inbox and think “hang on I don’t know this person I wonder what this is” so we open it! Unfortunately, this email contains a virus and once opened it is free to infect your computer.

Not installing updates - It is very important no matter how inconvenient it is to run your windows updates. These contain important security updates that will give your machine a better chance of fighting off viruses.

Putting your faith in your anti-virus software - This is another misconception people have if you have installed any kind of anti-virus software, free or costly, onto your machine this does not give the user free reign on the internet. If you, for example, decided to stream a film from an illegal streaming site and you think that you will be fine because you have anti-virus software installed, you are wrong. Because you as the user have effectively given permission for this site to stream an illegal copy of a blockbuster movie, your anti-virus software is given the green light to step aside and let whatever viruses that come alongside your movie into your machine because you said it is ok to do so.

Anti-virus software takes its orders from the user, so if you decide to browse the internet and click on pop-ups and allow unknown pieces of software to make changes to your computer you are giving your anti-virus software the thumbs up that this unknown software is ok.

This kind of behaviour online will lead to multiple trips to your local computer repair shop as all you are doing is re-infecting your machine time and time again.

If you have any more questions about how you can reduce the risk of getting viruses on your machine or you suspect you have one, then call into Nerds HQ and see what we can do for you!

Date Published : 2017-10-27 15:26:00

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